All fitness and nutrition coaching sessions will be held at

The Island Personal Fitness Training Gym 

430 Westline Drive, Alameda, CA 94501

Whether you are beginning/restarting your fitness journey or recovering from an injury, we can develop a personalized fitness and nutrition plan, based on your goals. 

Because life can change on a dime, we work together, continuously assessing and adjusting your plan to fit your needs and life situations.  We avoid fad diets and fitness trends, and we focus on sustainable nutrition and functionality and strength in fitness to help you continue to do the day-to-day activities that you enjoy. 

The Island Personal Fitness Training Gym is an exclusive gym dedicated to clients focused on increasing their stability, strength, flexibility and endurance.   Located across the street from Washington Park and one block away from Crown Beach, this facility has the best location for outdoor and beach workouts.